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Why use our laundry service?


1. Updated laundry equipment.
Top laundry services in Singapore use only the latest machines to ensure your clothes are well-cleaned and taken care of. In fact, they can employ top-of-the-line and big brands to guarantee customer satisfaction. You can depend on a good laundry shop to take care of your laundry cleaning needs using only top edge machines for the best results.
2. Guaranteed satisfaction.
Your neighborhood laundry shop is highly-dependable for their great services because their name is at stake. As you know, word of mouth is essential for every business so why ruin their reputation for a poorly-done service you would be unsatisfied of? They pride in their ownership and business so you can always look forward for great results.
3. Friendly dry cleaning in Singapore!
A guaranteed friendly service that will make you come back for more. Not only because of competition,a genuine Singapore laundry shop can offer you with a sincere service that you can feel rewarded for. As you know, it’s not all about cleaning the laundry but a well-experienced company also knows how to greet, provide assistance and to deliver prompt dry cleaning services to their customers, both new or regular patrons!
4. Drycleaning
You can opt for drycleaning service in our store. Materials (such as suit, wool, silk curtains) that cannot be washed by laundry, can be done by drycleaning. You can do it by just load wash, without any use of ironing. It costs SGD$30.00 per load (max 6kg), in 4 hours without any express charge!
5. Laundry Rental Facilities (Self-Service)
Grow your laundry business here! We accept freelancing and corporates too! We also provide the laundry facilities hence, you may put aside your worries about the rental and capital charges per use! Drycleaning and laundry services, as well as collection and delivery are self-service and at own your own risk(s).